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Do NOT Hire A Wedding Planner!


I spent over an hour talking with a bride-to-be who had just started planning her wedding. She was ready, she felt organized and she had a binder. She was on top of the world – they found the perfect venue, she had friends that were planning to cater the wedding, and she had picked colors. I encouraged her enthusiasm and just offered a little advice to enjoy the process and not get discouraged in the planning. She had it all handled.

A few weeks later, she still had enthusiasm with all things she had completed, but she started working through other details – where to find a calligrapher, how to come up with a contingency plan in case of rain, family members wanting to lend a hand, working on RSVPs, and the catering details. With the mother-of the-bride & bride-to-be both busy with full-time jobs, the number of phone calls kept stacking up. But she had her binder and she was still optimistic. I patted her on the back and let her know that I was willing to offer my assistance if she needed it.

Three weeks before the wedding, I was approached with a different story. The caterer did not seem to have any notes from their previous meetings, the flowers were delivered three weeks early, the contingency contract included a clause that now she could not cancel, the RSVPs were not arriving as expected, and she could not find a dress. She was running out of time. As I listened for over forty-five minutes and reviewed her notes from her binder. The bride-to-be commented as I was leaving, “I should have hired you as the wedding planner in the beginning. I do not have time or the patience to deal with all the details, the stress, and the craziness of the “helping” family members”.

Wedding Planners are experienced to deal with all the details, the big things, the little things and the other things that others just may not know to ask about. We are experienced in contract negotiations and those pesky clauses to make sure it is in “your” favor. We leverage other vendor relationships that we know will work with you to make your wedding successful. And in many cases, a voice of reason in those “helping” family situations.

So do not hire a wedding planner if you need the details handled, if you need the legal verbiage understood & negotiated to protect you, to manage those stressful family situations, to hold the vendors accountable and to make the wedding day stress free and enjoyable.

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