Hazard Of The Trade

Any Reason To Plan LLC_Lake Martin Church of the Pinesc

It is a hazard of the trade to always be on the lookout for great places for parties, weddings – basically any type of gathering or fun thing to do when I travel. My mind is constantly churning away on possibilities. As I was lounging on the pontoon, cruising down Lake Martin this weekend with my family, I spotted an adorable church. So as all good planners do, I started taking pictures.  This adorable church & lighthouse is Children’s Harbor Family Center. It is a collaborative effort with Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children and provides family counseling and support services to children who have long-term serious illnesses as well as to their families. When it is in not use for this purpose, it can be rented for other functions. This would be a great location for any outdoorsy-type bride & groom who still want to stay traditional {the church} with a small wedding. Imagine the pictures!

Any Reason To Plan LLC_Kowlegia Restuarant Lake Martinc

A short stroll away is the Kowaliga Restaurant {maybe for a rehearsal dinner}, which is a Lake Martin landmark that dates back to the 1950s which was named for the wooden Indian that Hank Williams immortalized in song. Developer Russell Lands opened the restaurant on the same place where it was originally opened in 1953. I have heard stories throughout the years from family about this landmark. So this nice gem is on the list of places to try. Thanks for sharing our “passion for planning”.


 Tara G. Vice, PMP, has been planning events since she was little – a born planner. With an accounting degree and a certified project manager by trade, she has the detailed, organizational, customer service and negotiating skills necessary. She also brings over sixteen years of experience and creativity to the table. She truly has a passion for planning.