All Good Advice – Part 1

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When I meet with a bride & a groom, I give them two pieces of advice to start the conversation. My first piece of advice is to

Enjoy The Planning Process!

Is that possible, some ask. Yes. Normally even in the early stages of an engagement, the bride {and most definitely the groom} have hit the overwhelmed, stressed out point of wedding planning. The wedding day is all about the bride & groom and celebrating with those they love and cherish. There are few times that all those people will be in the same room together so make the most of it.  Guys! IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN TO PLAN YOUR WEDDING. If it isn’t then you are missing the point. Discuss and work together to make the wedding day a successful collaboration, a day that you will both look back and smile. And it is ok for the groom to be involved even if it just as an encouragement to the bride. You can do it and enjoy it! Thanks for sharing our “passion for planning”.


 Tara G. Vice, PMP, has been planning events since she was little – a born planner. With an accounting degree and a certified project manager by trade, she has the detailed, organizational, customer service and negotiating skills necessary. She also brings over sixteen years of experience and creativity to the table. She truly has a passion for planning.