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Planning A Kids Party – Part 4

The next step is to work on the table setup. Immediately the idea of metal kept popping in my head. The plan was to wrap the food trays in aluminum foil to give them the feeling like it was a car shop.

Foil Wrap3

Foil Wrap4

Then it was time for placement. It took a few times moving things around on the table to find the best placement for the trays using varying heights, textures and shapes. The last step of the table setup is placing the extra décor items around the trays to “tell a story”.

Foil Wrap1

Foil Wrap2

Since the party is at a place of business there needs to be a few decorations on the tables where the children will be seated. I have learned that children like to sit together and this keeps feelings from getting hurt. With children, only put items on the table that can be played with or potentially broken. I settled on a few car related picture displays, orange cones and balloons.

The décor is all set.

Come back to see the final pictures reveal.


Tara G. Vice, PMP, has been planning events since she was little – a born planner. With an accounting degree and a certified project manager by trade, she has the detailed, organizational, customer service and negotiating skills necessary. She also brings over sixteen years of experience and creativity to the table. She truly has a passion for planning.